“Daddy” – A Tribute to a Dragon Slaying Ninja Superhero

My hubby has been a lot of things in his life. He was a comic book collecting, baseball playing, break dancing, Eagle Scout earning kid.

He was an Army Private, First Class, paying his way through college for a degree in graphic design.

He was a Lindy rock star, a handsome guy in uniform dancing to Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy with a swing dance performance troupe during an intermission at a Friday night dance. That’s when he caught my eye. He became my boyfriend and my dance partner. Our song was “More” by Bobby Darin.


And as the saying goes: First comes love, then comes marriage, then you’re transported to an alternate universe in a baby carriage. He became a daddy – an extraordinary daddy to a wonderful, complex, extraordinary boy.

We became parenting partners instead of dance partners, with our song sounding more like “O Fortuna” by Carl Orff.


He became the “husband character” in my blog posts, the superhero who battled giant spiders, and the wise man who said the right words at the right times.

He became the dragon slayer, spending his lunch breaks on the phone battling insurance companies and government agencies, showing up to meetings with an intimidatingly large binder of well-organized, official documents. He became a ninja, stealthily bringing tears to the eyes of insurance committee members during an impassioned plea for autism coverage. He became a tireless detective, turning every stone, knocking on every door, seeking new therapies to help our son with his self-injurious behaviors and violent meltdowns.

But most importantly, he became a court jester, a silly clown, a fungi fun guy, an adventurer, a dance partner, a playmate, and a best friend to our son. No one can invent ridiculous games to capture our boy’s attention or make our boy laugh a deep belly laugh the way his daddy can.

He’s an amazing man.

Being a father is not an easy job in this alternate universe. There are no guidebooks to follow. There are no days off, no vacations. But my husband rises to the challenge every day, selflessly filling each new role with strength, thoughtfulness, and a sense of humor.

All the qualities I fell in love with.

All the qualities that make him an awesome, amazing, uncanny, dragon slaying, ninja, superhero dad the likes of which this universe has never seen.

Happy Father’s Day, Honey!!!

2 thoughts on ““Daddy” – A Tribute to a Dragon Slaying Ninja Superhero

  1. A true, awesome and inspiring testimony of “God Given” love relationship
    between husband and wife! May you both find spiritual happiness as a “child ” of the Universe.!

  2. Lawrence is my Super Hero too!
    It warms my heart to see his calm demeanor when your little volcano 🌋 erupts.
    God has blessed Edward and Jennifer with the greatest blessing Lawrence Rosado, Dad of the year!!! ❤️

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